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METS Travel & Tours, established in 1962, is the most experienced travel organization in Suriname.

With two Jungle Lodges, Awarradam and Palumeu, in the Amazon rainforest and Recreation Park Colakreek in the coastal area, METS offers a personalized service, herewith meeting the needs of individual travelers and small groups seeking a unique travel experience.

METS offers unique excursions to the untouched tropical rainforest, all-in hotel, transportation and other travel arrangements for both holiday and business travelers who wish to visit Suriname.

In addition, METS organizes international tours from Suriname to the most beautiful holiday destinations in South and North America and the Caribbean and clears in cruise ships calling in at Suriname.

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Mets Travel & Tours

Dr.J. F. Nassylaan 02
Paramaribo, SURINAME
Telephone: (+597) 477088
Email: info@surinamevacations.com