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Surair Ground Services as a subsidiary of SLM provides ground services at the Johan Adolf Pengel airport at Zanderij. It started as an SLM department but has been privatized and has grown to be the market leader at the J. A. Pengel International Airport where eight ground services companies are established.

Their tasks include the checking in of passengers, the loading and unloading of baggage, the cleaning of the aircraft, providing supporting ground services, provide the crews with the necessary flight- and loading figures and the escorting of passengers during boarding and disembarking. It actions besides as a contact point for airline companies that are directly or indirectly active at the airport. Due to the nature of its activities SGS is an important partner of the N.V. Luchthavenbeheer, supplier of the airport infrastructure.

Team work and perfect coordination of the various activities are urgent requirements for the activities taking place at an airport, a reason why SGS invests a lot in education and training of its personnel.
A large part of the activities take place beyond the passenger´s sight who checks in for departure or the collector who focuses on the flight arrivals.
The proper loading of the aircraft, the collection of data for the cockpit crew, tanking the right amount of fuel, checking in departing passengers, special assistance for travelers requiring assistance, taking care of the proper boarding procedures, etc. are some of the important tasks of SURAIR GROUND SERVICES.

Their contribution to a safe flight is invaluable, reason why contact with the remaining services like customs, immigration and the well/known J.A.P. team must be optimal. A lot of rules must be complied with on a daily basis and care especially must be taken to prevent matters from routinely leading their own life.

SURAIR GROUND SERVICES an important and strong link in Surinamese aviation.


J.A. Pengel International Airport
District Para, SURINAME
Telephone: (+597)  0325181 ext. 243
Fax:  (+597) 0325325
Email: surair.ground@flyslm.com