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Many an airline chooses to offer their services according to the concept whereby food and drink during flights are reduced to the absolute minimum. And this ought to be perceived in the ticket prices and work out to the advantage of the passengers.
The Surinam Airways company has chosen the full service concept coupled to affordable fares.

SURAIR CATERING SERVICES plays a vital role in the full service concept. This company is established at the Johan Adolf Pengel airport and does not only look after the catering for the SLM flights but after all airline companies that call in at the international airport of Zanderij.

It is an HACCP certified company meaning that food storage, preparation, packaging and everything else that takes place at this subsidiary of SLM is done in a safe manner.
The processes occurring on a daily basis are of such a nature that food safety is guaranteed.
On a regular basis controls announced beforehand or unannounced are carried out by qualified national and international organizations. SURAIR CATERING SERVICES has never scored less than excellent during these audits.

A proud company with driven and motivated employees that will go to any extreme to satisfy customers.
Surveys have demonstrated that food prepared by SCS is very much appreciated by passengers. On a small scale SCS also supplies bread and pastry, an activity which demands expansion due to its success. In the Caribbean region SCS can proudly call itself one of the best in the Airline Catering Industry.

SURAIR CATERING SERVICES : an important and strong link in Surinamese aviation


ICQA CERTIFICATE 2010                    QSAI AWARD 2011 – GOLD                    SCS MSC CERTIFICATE 2011


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J.A. Pengel International Airport
District Para, SURINAME
Telephone: (+597) 0325355
Fax:  (+597) 0325146
Email: cateringservices@flyslm.com