Surcharges explained

Surcharges explained

Have you ever wondered how the total price of your ticket is made up?  For many among you as passengers it is perhaps unclear what is added up to the applicable airfare and exactly what type of surcharges are applied. Below you will find a clarification of the various taxes and surcharges.


Fuel Surcharge
The price of kerosene is currently still high and subject to major fluctuations. This situation has forced SLM to levy a fuel surcharge on all its flight tickets, which depends on price developments in the oil market. The surcharge is calculated per flight, so it is charged on both the outbound and return trips as well as any intermediate flights which also are part of you itinerary.

Security surcharge
The security surcharge amount is levied for insurance and security measures which is separately indicated in the ticket. Insurance premiums have risen considerably in conjunction with the increased risk of terrorist attacks. In addition, structural security measures are still being implemented in various processes onboard as well as at airports.

Airport Tax
All airports charge airport taxes to passenger for use of the available facilities. The applicable type of taxes and amount vary per destination and the collection of most of the taxes is required at the time of ticket sale / issuance. Taxes are detailed separately and included in the total price of your ticket.
A limited number of airports still charges local airport taxes which have to be paid separately at the airport before your departure.

Goods and Services tax.
In some countries such as Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago etc. the governments impose tax on goods and services. Air transportation is also determined as services and therefore tax is levied on international travel originating from the country concerned. The tax amount is based on the applicable airfare and the fuel surcharge.   
Reservation fees

To book and pay for a SLM ticket as of October 29, 2014 , a booking fee will be charged. The level of the fee depends on origin point of travel and the booking method. The booking fee is as follows:

Via SLM website  Book on/after October 29, 2014 for travel commencing from  Amsterdam / Cayenne EUR   7.50 per booking
   Book on/after November 05, 204 for travel commensing from other points e.g. Paramaribo / Aruba / Curacao / Miami etc. USD   5.00 per booking
Via SLM Ticket offices The Netherlands EUR  15.00 per booking


Credit card surcharge to compensate for rising costs
More and more air travelers are using a credit card to pay for their tickets. This increasing volume of credit card usage has resulted in rising of costs for SLM too. To off-set these costs, we are forced to charge  per ticket a surcharge of EUR 15.00 for departure commencing from Amsterdam or Cayenne or USD 10.00 for departure commencing form other cities; infants ar exempted. The surcharge applies to all credit cards, except UATP.