Forms and Formalities

All foreign visitors arriving in one of destinations are required to complete certain forms and go through certain formalities. 

One of the required forms is a completed ED-card for Immigration clearance which needs to be presented upon arrival. At the moment the ED-cards are handed out on board our flights.


Should you be travelling to one of the destinations mentioned below, please read more about their ED-card and/or Custom Declaration form.



Passengers travelling onboard our flights to Curacao can compleet the E/D-card online.

The online card needs to be completed al least 24 hours before departure of the flight.

After completing the card online, there is no need to complete the paper version. Your digital information would be at display for the Border Management System in Curacao upon arrival. 


Read more  about the online ED-card


Please click on  ED-card CURACAO  to complete the card online.