Wheelchairs and Mobility Assistance

In order to be able to provide special services to passengers with regards to wheelchair and mobility assistance, it is very important that the special request for this service are made at the time of booking, but no later than 72 hours before departure of the flight.

The types of special service for wheelchair request are as follows:

  • passenger is able to walk short distance and to use stairs (mini cart service at Schiphol i.s.o. wheelchair)
  • passenger is able to walk short distance, but unable to use stairs to board aircraft e.g. Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport
  • passenger is unable to walk and needs to be carried on and off board. Completely immobile

Please note that the special service requested for the airport upon departure will also be applicable for the airport upon arrival. 

A Weelchair passenger must travel with a dedicated companion able to fully assist and support the passenger.

In addition to the wheelchair service, a request can also be made by the passenger for the use of his/her own manual powered wheelchair to and from the gate or ramp.

The passenger that has requested the assistance must be able to carry his/her own handbag.