Tourist Card


As of November 25, 2011, nationals of the following countries who are travelling as a tourist, for pleasure, or to visit friends and relatives have the option to purchase a tourist card or apply for a visa:

 1. Austria

 2. Belgium

 3. Bolivia

 4. Canada

 5. Chili

 6. China  People Republic

 7. Colombia

 8. Costa Rica

 9. Cuba

 10. Czech Republic

11. Denmark

12. Domincan Republic

13. Equador


14. El Salvador


16. Finland

17. France

18. Germany

19. Greece

20. Guatemala

21 Haiti

22. Honduras

23. Hongary

24 Iceland

25. India

26 Indonesia

27. Italy

28. Latvia

29. Liechtenstein

30. Lithania

31. Luxembourg

32. Malta

33. Mexico


35. Norway

36. Panama

37. Paraguay

38. Peru

39. Portugal

40. Singapore

41. Slovakia

42. Slovenia

43. Spain

44. Sweden

45. Switserland

46. The Netherlands

47. Turkey

48. United Kindom of Great Britain and Northern Ierland

49. United States of America

50. Uruguay

51. Venezuela Bolivarian Republic


The tourist card is short term, single entry and expires after 90 days. It must be purchased from the embassy before the intended travel to Suriname.


  1. Money Order for Usd 35.00 or Euro 30.00 payable to the Embassy of the Republic of Suriname.
  2. Physical Passport valid for 6 months from date of entry and computer generated itinerary and/or copy of return ticket.
  3. Self-addressed stamped envelope for return mail.
  4. No personal check will be accepted.






Citizens of the aforementioned countries who would like to apply for a multiple entry tourist visa have to comply with the regular visa requirements procedure.

For some other reasons than tourism, travelers who will visit Suriname to negotiate business, attend conferences, training or make an exploratory business visit will have to apply for a business visa prior to arrival in Suriname and must complete the business visa requirements.

40. Singapore

27. Slovenia

27. Spain

29. Slovak Republic